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Frequently Asked Questions

What Insurances do you accept?
We are in network with most insurances.  Blue Cross, UnitedHealthCare, Aetna, Humana, Cigna (PPO), Medicaid, Medicare, CHIPS, Multiplan Networks and many others.

How can I get online access to my medical Records?
We use www.patientally.com to share your protected medical information.  To gain access, add your email address on your intake forms.  We can provide you with an security code so that you can link to the doctor.


Do you offer discounts to cash patients?
We are no longer able to offer cash discounts, but we do accept Care Credit. Another option is to join ChiroHealthUSA to help you get contracted rates for your care.

What is the cost to come into see the doctor?
Rates vary depending on your concern and what the doctor needs to do to evaluate you.  We can do a FREE INITIAL consultation to discuss if Chiropractic is right for your concern.  During your consult we will try to verify insurance benefits and the doctor will determine if you need an examination, x-rays, therapy or a referral to another doctor.  We will advise you of your financial responsibility. Please note that follow-up consultations will incur a charge.
How many times do I need to come?
The doctor will review your concerns and determine a treatment plan and discuss this with you when you go over your exam and x-rays.
What can I take for the Pain?
Chiropractors do not prescribe medications and cannot advise you on medications. However, we do recommend supplements like Glucosamine (for repair of tissues), Chondrointon (for better movement in the joints) and MSM (for pain). A liquid or tablet form of all three is recommended by this office.